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  • Work with determined family law lawyers who get results.
  • Get help with your divorce or common-law separation.
  • Get help with your custody battle, access, and visitation issues.
  • Help with child support and spousal support payments.
  • Ensure marital assets are divided fairly during your divorce.
  • Lawyers with a business background for high net worth divorces.
  • Lawyers with complex farm divorce experience.
  • Responsive and effective lawyers who will keep you in the loop.
  • Adoptions, elder care, guardianship arrangements, and other family law issues.
  • Full service law firm handling real estate transactions, wills preparation, and estate administration.

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Our skilled family lawyers are specialists, not generalists. That means you get the full benefit of real experience and know how.

They’re also tough negotiators, and are skilled at fighting issues out in court.

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Divorce Lawyer Regina


Divorces are stressful and complicated. The team at Merchant Law can help you navigate solving all of the major issues of your divorce. Our team is ready to help you get the best possible settlement.


Spousal Support

Our lawyers will protect your financial interests by ensuring your eventual spousal support settlement works for you. Spousal support negotiations can grow contentious, but we offer real legal solutions that work.


Child Support

If you have children then your divorce settlement must include child support provisions. If your child has special needs or incurs extraordinary expenses you’ll need a tough negotiator on your side.


Child Custody

Custody battles are scary, but we can help. We can also help you draft co-parenting agreements. In all things, we’ll be working with you to protect the best interests of your children.


Access and Visitation

Protect your relationship with your children by guarding your time with them. Get lawyers who will negotiate for the largest possible amounts of time, and who will help you get enforcement when you need it.

Why choose Regina Family Lawyers?

We’re responsive family law lawyers with decades of experience helping people just like you. Our lawyers have a long track record of success in the family law arena, and we are passionate about helping you solve the challenges associated with the average family law case.

Experience Means Strength

There’s very little that divorce court hasn’t thrown at us. We know the local judges. We know what the law allows for. This gives us the upper hand in negotiations, because we can see your best and worst case scenarios. We leverage that information to help you settle faster.

Savvy Strategists

No two family law cases are the same. Every situation is different, and sometimes you need creative solutions. We think outside the box and explore different ways to bring you the results you want.

We're Just Tougher

You need savvy negotiators who won’t back down from what’s fair and right, but who will provide the opposition every chance to accept a win-win offer. If your ex forces the matter to court, you need litigators who don’t mind fighting it out in the courtroom. That’s us: lawyers who will fight for you.


We’re responsive and we care about you. We return calls and emails. We keep you in the loop. We treat you with respect, compassion and care. We get most of our work through referrals, and when you visit with us you’ll see why.

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