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What is Bifurcated Divorce?

Divorce is probably the toughest period of any marriage. These days, the rate of separation has been on the increase. The process of separation can be extremely lengthy. There are several things that are involved with a divorce. For instance, a divorce may not be finalized unless property separation, child custody, alimony, and many other...
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A Guide to Procedures in Family Court

Nowadays, a lot of married couple needs to deal with family court procedures. Not only just married couple but also in a common-law relationship couple also needs to go through this procedure. Because a family court usually deals with family issues like (Divorce, property division after separation, child custody, and so on) Sometimes, when a...
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How to Apply for Child Support?

The most important question that almost all parent wants to know while getting separated is “How to Apply For Child Support.” It is usually best to handle these issues as soon as possible as it concerns the children’s financial support. Generally, it is seen that the noncustodial parent pays more compared to the custodial parent,...
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