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How to Avoid Paying Child Support?

The issue of child support usually arises after a separation or divorce. Each Federal State of Canada has its guidelines for child support and other related issues. In some cases, a parent cannot afford the patronage, especially for low income. In such instances, they are exempted from paying child support. Here you can learn about...
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Marriage Contract or Prenup

Many people get confused about the marriage contract and the prenup meaning. Both are similar things, except that prenup needs to be signed before marriage. In contrast, couples can make a marriage agreement before or after getting married. These contracts mainly contain the distribution of the properties, debts, estate plans, spousal maintenance, etc., if the...
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Grounds for Divorce in Saskatchewan

When a couple needs to go through a divorce, they need to deal with a challenging and demanding time. Also, sometimes it breaks them mentally and emotionally. Therefore, couples dealing with marital relationships may go for professional help and ask for a divorce. There is the divorce act in Canada where it covers separation, child...
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Common Law Separation in Canada

There was a time when traditional marriage was the only kind of relationship that was accepted both socially and legally. However, with time society’s perspective about relationships, in general, has become more progressive and accepting. Nowadays, different types of relationships are accepted both legally and socially. One of these types in Canada is the common...
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