We have a skilled team of family lawyers who has reputation and recognition as a specialist family lawyer in Regina.

Our clients are satisfied because we present their cases in court following a proven and success-driven strategy that makes us unique in this industry.

If you are going through some family issues and trying to get an experienced family lawyer, you are in the perfect place right now.

Divorce Lawyer Regina

Between married couple or two-person living together, separation or divorce is a common event nowadays. There are laws what to do during divorce and how to deal with those. If you are trying to sort it out, you can get our help at Regina Family Lawyers.

Child Support Lawyer

When a couple gets involve in separation or divorce, the child must be taken care of according to the child support law. But sometimes it is difficult to deal with legal processes for general citizens. To assist people like them, we are providing services to solve your spousal and child support cases accordingly.

Spousal Support Lawyer

After getting separated or divorced, the couple must take actions of your property and debts according to marital property law. If you are facing a similar problem in your life, Regina Family Lawyers is the appropriate option for you to take their consultation. We have an experienced team who are skilled in cases related to family law.

Child Visitation Lawyer

There are laws for the child visitation schedule for the non-custodial parent. Because the non-custodial parent is not getting the child for physical custody. You must solve those issues regarding child visitation during the period of your separation or divorce process. Regina Family Lawyers specialized in child visitation (law) cases.

Child Custody Lawyer

If you have a child and you are getting separated or divorced, then you must know the laws on how to deal with this situation. Because according to the law, both parents are responsible for what happens to their children. Therefore, parents must have to ensure that the rights of their children provided as per statutes.

When the case is in court, then the court will decide who will have the custody and access of the child. So to present your case in court accurately, you need to consult with a professional law firm like Regina Family law firm. We can help you to solve those problems without any complication.

Why Choose Regina Family Lawyers ?

At Regina Family Lawyers law firm, we are a team of skilled and experienced family lawyers. We are providing family law service for more than fifteen (15) years in Regina. Regina Family Lawyers is one of the most reputed law firms to present your case in Regina province. The following points will let you know why people choose us.

Experience Provides Us Strength

Our experienced team of lawyers are presenting our client’s cases in a very positive way. They recognized as one of the extreme negotiators in the Regina law community. So, their negotiation power helps us to convince the court and solve the problem without any annoyance.

Successful Strategy

A well-researched strategy is always better than a conventional approach. At Regina Family Lawyers law firm, we are committed to research and find out every possibility of getting resource regarding your case. The extensive and in-depth analysis and support help us to develop and execute a success-driven strategy for your situation.

Better Prowess

Our lawyers recognized as an experienced family lawyer in the lawyer community of Regina. Their skilled recommendation and comment help us to develop perfect plan for the presentation of your case.

Client-Friendly Environment

Our lawyers are client-oriented and friendly to our clients. That is the reason why all of our clients are happy and satisfied with our service. We are one of the most reviewed law firms in Regina. Our clients are also referring our law firm to their close people. Our reputation developed on our client’s satisfaction.

How We Work

At Regina Family Lawyer, we always focused on our reputation and trustworthiness to our clients. We are proudly providing our services related to family law such as separation and divorce law cases, child custody and access law cases, marital property division law cases, child and spousal support cases. If you need any assistance related to those cases, you can start discussing your matter with us.

Regina Family Lawyers is renowned for their free initial consultation about your family law cases with you directly. We will discuss the necessary details of your case and try to identify whether is it needed to hire a law firm or not.

We will go for trial if there’s anything goes wrong in your case. But what we will do after the first meeting and you choose us is, we will run an in-depth investigation and discussion with all of the members of your family. So, this information can help us in court during the representation of your case.

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