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The team at Regina Family Lawyers specializes in family law, and we’re dedicated to helping our clients get top-notch results. Within this broad spectrum of expertise we handle many issues both before, during, and after divorce cases.

Family law cases are never easy, but our combination of negotiation strategy and litigation preparation ensures that your case has its best chance of arriving at an outcome you can live with.

Here are some of the most common issues we handle here at Regina Family Lawyers.


Most people come to us because they want to dissolve a marriage. They know that marriages are not simple. They’re complex legal matters that require a great deal of expertise to get right.
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Child Custody

We’re here to help you guard your child’s best interests. If you’re locked in a custody battle you can turn to us for help or support. If you’re trying to protect your children from an abusive spouse you can count on us to fight for you.
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Child Support

Need help negotiating a child support arrangement that goes beyond the bare minimum? Trapped in an unfair child support payment that needs modification? We can help.
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Access and Visitation

Guard your relationship with your kids by getting help from our team. We’ll make sure you get enough parenting time, and we’ll help you get parenting time enforcement if your ex won’t comply.
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Spousal Support

Few areas of family law cause more anxiety than spousal support. The team at Merchant Law understands. We will help you negotiate an arrangement you can live with, and have creative solutions for any situation.
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Common Law Separations

We’re highly experienced in Saskatchewan common law. If you’re trying to dissolve a relationship we can help you protect your property rights and preserve your relationship with your children. We’ll help you draft a formal separation agreement.
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Protect yourself and your loved ones with the help of a prenup. We’ll take a hard look at your unique situation and make sure that any proposed prenup protects your best interests.
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Farm Divorces

Farmers face many special considerations when they get caught up in a divorce. We work with you to find creative solutions that will allow you to work within the bounds of the law while saving the family farm.
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High Net Worth Divorces

When you have a sophisticated asset profile simple solutions won’t do. Many of our lawyers have incredible backgrounds in business law which they combine with divorce law, allowing them to serve as high net worth specialists.
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Other Family Law Matters

If it’s a family law matter, we handle it, which means we also take care of adoptions, elder care guardianship issues, and more.

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