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Child Support & Spousal Support

Child Support & Spousal Support

Child Support & Spousal Support

Going through a divorce is hard for everyone. It becomes more challenging and stressful when the previous spouses must deal with how to divide the earnings of the family for reasons for fixing child support & spousal support totals. The child & spousal support lawyer Regina can help you to remove the stress and worry by offering both experienced legal advice & encouraging psychological comfort.

What is Child Support?

We have both child support lawyers for fathers Regina and child support lawyers for mothers Regina. They know well how to deal with the complexities of Regina, Saskatchewan child support laws. We are experienced to work with Regina family Courts for long since, assisting guardians in making sure that the finest attentiveness of their children is provided.

An overview of our child

The award of child support in Regina is based on a legal formula that has lots of factors to consider. These are including the earnings of the parties, number of children, the parenting timetable and some extra costs by each parent such as health & daycare insurance.

Nevertheless, there can be unseen problems that may consequence in unbalanced support if not revealed & shown to the court. Our skilled lawyers concentrate on providing the court the clean image of your life & economic condition if you will pay child support in the aim of a solution that takes care of your child without taking unbalanced benefit of you. Also to helping clients with first child support orders, our lawyers can assist try to find support order alteration in the case of economic or more life changes.

Spousal support after divorce Regina

The Spousal support is also known as alimony. It is the financial support given by one spouse to another after their divorce. It helps to continue the lifestyle to the spouse had become used to during the marriage.

The aim is to balance the earnings and needs of the parties in a way that will not reduce either one of them. Under spousal support agreement Regina, not all going through a divorce is allowed to have spousal support.

The spousal support lawyer knows well how to help the parties in all possible ways. The spousal payments Regina is also affordable to the clients. When it comes to deciding if spousal support is right after a divorce, the court takes some points into thoughts.

The court may think about, among other considerations:

  • The previous standard of living
  • The current condition of the parties
  • Source & total of resources awarded
  • Capacity to work and pay
  • Length of the marriage


Child support and spousal support Regina, Saskatchewan are standard parts of making to divide from a spouse financially. It is significant to know what each is & how they vary from. Nevertheless, of your circumstances, we suggest that you look at the guidance of your private financial lawyer. Only they can give you the legal advice on what solution might meet your needs.

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