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Family Law

Family law

Family Law

Are you looking for legal support with family law problem in Regina? Well, we are a promising team at Regina, Saskatchewan to help you. We know how overwhelming, stressful and challenging to deal with family law issues. This is why we work sincerely and earnestly to manage any kinds of legal problems so that the client can concentrate on what causes most- their families.

We have experienced and certified Family Law professionals under Canada Board of Legal Specialization who can manage all sorts of family law problems. Since our inception, we have great fame to handle even the most complicated cases.  When you decide to work with us, you are stress less to know our Regina family law lawyers honestly take care of meeting the individual needs of the family who searches our firm’s help.

Responsibilities of Regina Family Lawyer

You feel confident to know that you are being gone through a reliable law organization with significant resources when it comes to dealing with us. Any Regina family lawyer at our company can deal with cases like divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, legal separation, etc.


Divorce is not an easy task for everyone. It is indeed a challenging task for both husband and wife to end a marriage.  It occurs when a husband and wife make their decision not to live together due to many reasons.  It might be the right decision  when they just cannot solve the problems. With the help of a family lawyer, it is easy to end a marriage or divorce.

Child Custody:

Child custody is a legal term that is highly charged & emotional for both parents and children.  It uses to describe the legal relationship between a child and the parent. There are two types of child custody including a) one sole custody and b) joint custody. Child custody dealing is any case such as child protection, guardianship, adoption, and the breakup of parental rights.

Child Support:

According to the public plans & family law, child support is a continuing, regular payment by a guardian for the economic advantage of a child following a divorce or other relationship. It is the necessary living expenses to a child such as medical expenses, educational costs, and some extracurricular activities.

Spousal Support:

Spousal Support is cash given by one spouse to another when they divorce or separate. Sometimes it is named as maintenance or alimony. Many reasons may affect whether a married couple is allowed to spousal support & how much support they need.

Legal Separation:

When a husband and wife decides not to live together a legal separation occurs, more than go through a marriage end or divorce. It is allowed in the form of a court order. Often a court order of legal separation makes child custody managements (shared parenting or sole custody) where children are involved.


It is significant to know the different skills and responsibilities of a family lawyers ought to have when getting into legitimate things. The family lawyers in Regina are not only experienced to provide legal advice but also emotional support.

A combination of the two resolves the cost and sets hopes to find and experienced family lawyer in Regina. Have you any questions about your family law issue? We would love to give you the possible answers you want. At family law center Regina, Saskatchewan we are dedicated to give you support to overcome any kinds of family problems.


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